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"Play is the work of the child."

"The best way to make children good is to make them happy."

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Raising a child is a precious and beautiful experience, and we strive to create products that not only support your child's development but also bring joy and magic into the everyday for your little one.


Montessori + Waldorf

sense of life
  • exposes your baby to texture, weight, balance and more
  • using the sense of touch, these exercises are focused intently on a child’s fingertips and stimulate the building of nerve connections in the brain
  • some are specifically designed for learning sameness and differences, and they also allow children to learn categorizing as well as the language to describe
imagination + independence
  • by presenting appropriate levels of challenges and open-ended tools in our design, our play materials encourage your little one to use their imagination and problem-solving skills, and teach them patience and resilience
  • Our soft and safe products keep your mind at ease as you allow your child to play alone contently
simplicity for focus
  • In contrast to the vibrant colors that are frequently associated with young children, the Montessori inspired environments our material are made to build feature more muted tones
  • Not impeded by too much details or distractions, attention is placed on key learning elements only
  • Making the environment peaceful and uncluttered is essential to encourage focus
head + hands
  • open-ended playthings that promote the development of motor skills and hand-eye-coordination
  • varied levels of complexity to provide options and balance of challenges, such as a puzzle or those that are just simple and comfortable for them to play with when they need a brain break
sense of life
imagination + independence
simplicity for focus
head + hands

MONTI Montessori puzzle ball

A ball through different stages of development!

Your little one will love this soft Montessori puzzle ball with sensory beads inside. The mix of teddy and baby plush textures will stimulate your baby's fingertips, and like many of our products, MONTI can be used through different stages of development.

Beginning at 3 months, it is great for bedside comfort when they start feeling the world out with their hands and feet. At around 5-6 months, they’ll begin grasping and practicing their very first motor skills. The shape makes it particular easy to be hold.

When your children grow, they can throw, and eventually learn to put it together/ take it apart like a puzzle. This is a great play-alone material and it will provide the right amount of incentive for your baby to learn to have fun on his/her own!

Approx 4"

Easy Care

Our products are machine washable, making it easy for them to stay clean and new!

Precious Pieces

Our pieces will grow with your child through different development stages and be a treasured part of the home.

Perfect Gifts

Explore our collections to find exquisite gifts for newborns and new parents.

Give your baby the moon

because your little one deserves only the best

safety tested

materials free of heavy metals or toxins

baby grade materials

ultra soft + machine washable

always made ethically

conforms to ICTI ethical toy program standards

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