Quality Playtime: a few good toys over too many

Quality Playtime: a few good toys over too many

Jan 18, 2024Lambwolf Collective
Is playtime becoming repetitive for you? Are you tired of long but seems aimless play sessions? Hoping that your little one can play on their own? Here are some quick tips to more quality playtime for your toddler 🤍

When you drop everything in front of your toddler, it actually make it difficult for them to focus of engage with any particular toy. Research shows that fewer toys at a time leads to more quality playtime and help toddlers spend more time and attention on one toy, hence brings out creativity more.

Always quality over quantity when it comes to toys. Choose toys that encourages #playtolearn and help your toddler develop creative thinking, teamwork and imaginative play. Avoid toys that are over stimulative with flashy designs that present themselves more so as entertainment centers. Toys are meant to let our children entertain themselves. Here's a few things to look for when shopping for them:

Offer open ended toys that let your child decide on "how" to play with them. They can explore on their own, learn, play toss and kick, make it a part of a pretend play session, create a game out of it with other children using their wildest imagination. 

Usually these toys have the open ended quality as mentioned above but will also grow with your kids for years to come since they can fit into other forms of play. Basic toys are also not meant to boring. Often they are made with colorful and interestingly textured materials to attract your little one like our CROCHET NUGGETS. A classic example would be the Montessori balls such as our MONTI and TOTO.

THEMED TOYS that suits your toddler's interest
Feed into your little one's imagination by offerings themed toys that they already showed interest in. Loves bread and shopping at the bakery? Our LET'S BAKE pretend play set is just perfect.

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